Bodaming Investments Ltd intends, on the one side, to provide guidance to French mid-sized companies wishing to set up as joint ventures and to conduct operations in China and, on the other side, to help Chinese companies or private individuals to invest in France’s real estate or merge.

Due to a certain amount of difficulties specific to France (red tape, tax uncertainties), it may be difficult for a foreigner to find out the most appropriate person (the right person) or department capable to deal with special enquiries or requests from the French Administration.

As a French National School of Administration (E.N.A) alumnus and civil servant at Paris City Hall for over 18 years, Damien BLAISE is used to navigating through all the levels of the French Administration, either at a local or at a national level and to sort out all kind of issues related to the complex employment, social service and tax systems.

Bodaming Investments Ltd’s aim is to build trust-based, long-lasting relationships and to provide his clients with the best outside/external counselling in order to help them to work abroad, France for Chinese citizens and China for French individuals or businesses.

To meet this purpose, Bodaming Investments Ltd uses a multicultural team.

Damien Blaise has been a civil servant specialized in the fields of foreign, public, real estate and tax law.  He also lectured at the French Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM).

French is Damien BLAISE’s mother tongue and he is fluent in English and speak Chinese as well.